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Writ to the future

In October 2004, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin made a rare appearance at the Frankfurt Book Fair to launch what for them must... Read more

Lifting a virtual veil

At the Hay Festival a couple of years back, I heard Google chief executive Eric Schmidt talking about why the company paid so little tax... Read more

AAP calls for closer regulation of Amazon and Google

The Association of American Publishers (AAP) is calling on US authorities to more closely regulate dominant online firms such as Amazon, warning they risk causing... Read more

NearSt joins with Google to show high street book stock

A retail tech start-up, NearSt, has partnered with Google to show online what is available in local stores, with around 60 bookshops signed up nationwide.... Read more

Harry Potter exhibition goes online

Google is hosting the British Library’s History of Magic exhibition online as the physical version closes its doors. Read more

Google and Bertelsmann expand digital scholarship programme

Bertelsmann and Google are between them to fund 75,000 scholarships through US online education provider Udacity, in which Bertelsmann has a stake. Read more

Google sued over employee novel-writing rules

Google could be facing a fine up to $4bn after being sued for allegedly not allowing employees to post opinions about the company or write... Read more

Authors United warns of attacks on 'author livelihoods' under Trump administration

The new US administration under Donald Trump could make things "very, very much worse" for authors, according to campaign group Authors United.... Read more

Google wins copyright book-scanning battle

The US Supreme Court has denied the American Authors Guild right to appeal the Google copyright infringement case, bringing a decade-old suit to a close.... Read more

EU tax transparency to be forced on multinationals

US multinationals - including Amazon and Google - will be required to disclose their profits and tax in every country within which they operate in... Read more

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