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Picador nets Harper's 'devastating' investigation of Met Police

Picador has netted Broken Yard: The Fall of the Metropolitan Police by former Sunday Times journalist Tom Harper.... Read more

Picador lands NYC Ballet star Pazcoguin's 'page-turner'

Picador has landed Swan Dive, a “page-turning, one-of-a-kind” book by award-winning New York City Ballet soloist Georgina Pazcoguin. Read more

Picador pre-empts McTague's 'extraordinary' Brexit story

Picador has pre-empted an "extraordinary" account of how Britain left the EU after 40 years' membership, from Atlantic journalist Tom McTague. Read more

Picador buys Lee's history of Venetian Ghetto

Picador has bought an “enthralling” history of the Venetian Ghetto by Alexander Lee. Read more

'Extraordinary' tale of 'first' drag queen to Picador

Picador will publish the story of the world’s first self-described drag queen billed as a marriage of "RuPaul's Drag Race" and “Hidden Figures”.... Read more

Morley makes first buy in new Picador remit

Pan Macmillan’s editorial director Georgina Morley has moved to Picador to strengthen the imprint’s non-fiction offer, and to that end has signed Kate Teltscher’s The... Read more

Pan Mac's Morley goes Dutch with polymath

Pan Mac has pre-empted a new title by Hugh Aldersey-Williams. Read more

Mackrell's biography of women war correspondents to Pan Mac

Pan Macmillan has acquired a biography from Judith Mackrell about "bold and brilliant" women who became war correspondents. Read more

Pan Macmillan steals Stavrakopoulou after eight-way auction

Pan Macmillan has won Francesca Stavrakopoulou’s “fiercely intelligent” God: An Anatomy after an eight-way auction. Read more

Pan Macmillan acquires journalist's memoir of coercive abuse

Pan Macmillan has acquired a memoir of coercive abuse by Helen Walmsley-Johnson, a Guardian commentator and author of The Invisible Woman (Icon Books).... Read more

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