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Paying a price

Benedicte Page calls on the industry to provide more transparency on pay grades and promotion.  Read more

Do mind the gap

Philip Jones reacts to the gender pay gap figures reported by major UK publishers this week.  Read more

PRH publishes gender pay gap nine months early and unveils plans for parental leave

Penguin Random House has revealed its gender pay gap figures nine months early with a largely unchanged balance sheet but with a new initiative which sees... Read more

Dame Helena Morrissey challenges PA over diversity strategy

Dame Helena Morrissey challenged trade leaders over key aspects of their diversity strategies, as the Publishers Association's new president Peter Phillips laid out his aims... Read more

Publishing figures express frustration at gender pay gap results

Figures in the publishing industry have expressed frustration at the latest round of gender pay gap reports, which showed little progress had been made since 2017.... Read more

Gender pay gap reports show slow progress as men extend advantage

Gender pay gaps across the industry are widening in some cases, with only narrow progress achieved in others, the latest round of reports indicate as... Read more

Rugby site closure swings PRH pay gap

Penguin Random House UK’s overall gender pay gap has swung in favour of men, with women now earning 3% less than men working at the company,... Read more

Bloomsbury median gender pay gap rises to 21.7%

Bloomsbury Publishing’s median gender pay gap has grown to 21.7% in 2018 from 17.2% the year before although its mean figure fell slightly, according to... Read more

Bertram reports -0.2% gender pay gap

Women continue to earn more than men at Bertram, but only just, with the wholesaler reporting a median gender pay gap of -0.2% compared to... Read more

Blackwell’s gender pay gap narrows

Blackwell’s has revealed a gender pay gap of 1.4% in favour of men, a fraction lower than last year’s 1.8% and still less than the national... Read more

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