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Paying a price

Benedicte Page calls on the industry to provide more transparency on pay grades and promotion.  Read more

Do mind the gap

Philip Jones reacts to the gender pay gap figures reported by major UK publishers this week.  Read more

PRH first publisher to reveal disability, sexual orientation and socio-economic pay gaps

Penguin Random House has become the first UK publisher to share its pay gaps for disability, sexual orientation and socio-economic background, alongside those for gender and ethnicity.... Read more

Women's earnings still higher at Macmillan but bonus gap widens

A gender pay gap report for Macmillan Publishers International shows women's mean average earnings in 2020 were 2% higher than men's, with median pay also... Read more

Bonnier reveals inaugural Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan

Bonnier Books UK has published its inaugural Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan to boost representation and discussion across its workforce, publishing lists and the wider... Read more

HarperCollins UK gender pay gap falls slightly to 15.3%

The mean gender pay gap at HarperCollins UK in 2020 narrowed slightly from 2019's figure to 15.3%, with more women joining the company's higher paid... Read more

Springer Nature has 'more to do' on gender pay gap

Springer Nature has admitted there is still “more to do” after its latest gender pay gap report showed the mean salary difference between men and... Read more

PRH 'disappointed' as gender pay gap widens

Penguin Random House has said it is “disappointed” after the company's gender pay gap widened by 2.1% over the past year, but insists new initiatives mean it... Read more

OUP makes a start on its gender pay gap

The latest gender pay gap report released by Oxford University Press shows a small lessening of its median pay gap, down just under 1% to 12.5% in... Read more

HarperCollins releases 2019 gender pay gap with 'progress being made'

HarperCollins is closing its gender pay gap with the median difference reducing from 10.2% to 8.8% in its latest filing. Read more

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