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Up and away

Publishers are well placed to benefit from the start-up mentality says Fluxx senior consultant Tom Whitwell. Read more

Breaking the page

Think about the book of the future. The possibilities are endless . . . and tempting. We can add video, multiple narra- tive paths and... Read more

Hope and glory

I have spent much of the past six months thinking through how digital impacts this business, as part of the process of programming The Bookseller’s... Read more

What we want to discuss

I am delighted to have been asked to chair this year’s FutureBook Conference, and look forward to working with the team to curate a... Read more

Writing the FutureBook

This year’s fifth anniversary FutureBook Conference brings together more than 50 speakers from across the media world for a day of reckoning, realisation... Read more

Why you should have been at FutureBook

Zoe Sharples, a student on the publishing MA at University College London, tells us about her day at FutureBook conference and why she thinks it... Read more

FutureBook Conference 2015: a recap

If you missed the FutureBook Conference 2015, or simply want to relive the day, here's a quick recap of the issues discussed. Read more

In pictures: FutureBook Conference 2015

The FutureBook Conference celebrated its fifth anniversary with a line-up including rapper Akala, the leaders of some of UK publishing's biggest companies, and the first... Read more

Thomas tells FutureBook: 'open' is a massive opportunity

Springer Nature chief scientific officer Annette Thomas has told the FutureBook conference that in academic publishing "the power is no longer in the proprietary, the... Read more

Tamblyn to present 'reading manifesto' at FutureBook Conference

Michael Tamblyn, president of Rakuten Kobo, is to present a manifesto for reading at the FutureBook Conference. Read more

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