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Reading the future

Can virtual reading define a new type of book format? Recent studies suggest the future of reading is by no means set in stone.  ... Read more

Cat's cradle

Content industries are defined by the formats they use, confined by the speed at which they operate, and refined by the way their audience behaves.... Read more

Breaking the page

Think about the book of the future. The possibilities are endless . . . and tempting. We can add video, multiple narra- tive paths and... Read more

Hope and glory

I have spent much of the past six months thinking through how digital impacts this business, as part of the process of programming The Bookseller’s... Read more

What we want to discuss

I am delighted to have been asked to chair this year’s FutureBook Conference, and look forward to working with the team to curate a... Read more

Writing the FutureBook

This year’s fifth anniversary FutureBook Conference brings together more than 50 speakers from across the media world for a day of reckoning, realisation... Read more

Gail Rebuck calls for more female publishing heads

Baroness Gail Rebuck called for more female c.e.o.s in publishing during a FutureBook Live panel, taking issue with Orion m.d. Katie Espiner, who had referenced the same topic... Read more

Authors urge publishers to 'give space' to mental health

Authors have discussed the importance of perspectives on mental health when considering diversity and inclusion, with Rose Cartwright revealing she walked away from a traditional publishing... Read more

Author events need to break free of publication schedule, FutureBook told

Events should be used to build long-term audiences for writers and their books rather than just being built around publication dates and sales, a Futurebook... Read more

Traditional publishers missing out on romance and sci-fi sales

Publishers are missing out on audiobook listeners who want sci-fi and romance titles, statistics on sales show. Read more

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