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S&S to publish debut therapy memoir

Simon & Schuster UK is set to publish a memoir about group therapy by essayist and writer Christie Tate. Read more

Simon & Schuster scoops Skunk Anansie star Skin's debut memoir

Simon & Schuster has landed the début memoir from Skin, the frontwoman of multi-million selling rock band Skunk Anansie. Read more

Simon & Schuster lands Brearley '#MeToo reckoning for mothers'

Simon & Schuster has landed “the #MeToo reckoning for mothers” by writer and activist Joeli Brearley about new mums being pushed out of their jobs.... Read more

S&S UK lands Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness' memoir

The first memoir of Jonathan Van Ness, of Netflix makeover show "Queer Eye", will be published by Simon & Schuster UK in September.... Read more

Saunders swaps Quarto for S&S UK

Simon & Schuster UK has appointed Fritha Saunders from Quarto UK as its non-fiction editorial director. Read more

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