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ACC Art Books signs photographic celebration of David Bowie

ACC Art Books (ACC) has signed a "photographic celebration of David Bowie" called Bowie Icon. Read more

Haéri follows Cremisi at Flammarion

Gilles Haéri is to succeed Teresa Cremisi at the helm of Flammarion as expected. The nomination was set to become official today (Wednesday 3rd June).... Read more

Changes for Flammarion as Cremisi steps down

Teresa Cremisi has been under the spotlight of the French book industry since she announced in an interview with the French trade publication Livres Hebdo... Read more

'No change' to UK Houellebecq publication

Cornerstone's William Heinemann imprint has confirmed that its plan to publish Michel Houellebecq's new novel Submission this autumn is "unaltered". The controversial novel, newly released... Read more

Police guard at Houellebecq's French publisher

A reinforced police guard has been installed at the offices of Flammarion, publisher of Michel Houellebecq's latest novel Soumission (Submission), according to the website of... Read more

Controversy over Houllebecq's vision of France's future

The ever-controversial French author Michel Houellebecq has denied that his new novel, about a future in which a Muslim party beats the far-right Front National... Read more

Latest Houllebecq novel pirated pre-publication

Pirated versions of the latest novel of French author Michel Houllebecq, who is never far from controversy, have been available on several internet sites some... Read more

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