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Mark Haddon: The Ties That Blind

Mark Haddon's touching, highly observant latest novel shows how our divided loyalties as families will always bring us both trauma and joy Read more

Elizabeth Buchan's mothers and daughters

Bestselling novelist Elizabeth Buchan tackles the often tricky relationship between mothers, daughters and step-daughters in her new novel Read more

Parenting... a la Française

French Children Don’t Throw Food author Pamela Druckerman investigates the secrets of serene parenting from across the Channel Read more

This charming man

Roopa Farooki examines the lure of the compulsive gambler in her new novel The Flying Man - a character based on her own father Read more


With students about to head off to university, novelist Nina Bell suggests taking a philosophical approach to a quiet home Read more

Necessity, my mother and summer fun invention

Author Josie Curran recalls the simple pleasures of summers past. Read more

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