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A clause with claws

Can Amazon be allowed to contractually enforce arrangements that secure its hegemony? In 2011 the European Commission opened an investigation into e-book price-fixing... Read more

EC brings anti-trust charges against Amazon

European Union regulators have brought anti-trust charges against Amazon, accusing the retail giant of using sensitive data from the third-party sellers who use its marketplace to gain unfair advantage... Read more

EU launches anti-trust probe into Amazon's use of retailers' data

Amazon is facing a European Commission anti-trust investigation into how it uses sensitive data from independent retailers who sell on its marketplace. Read more

Harrison, Hughes and Wood battle for EUPL 2019 nomination

Melissa Harrison, Michael Hughes and Benjamin Wood have been shortlisted for the UK nominations for the European Union Prize for Literature 2019 (EUPL). Read more

EU council allows removal of VAT from e-books

The EU's Economic and Financial Affairs Council (Ecofin) today agreed on a proposal which will allow all member states to give e-books the same VAT-free status... Read more

PA: Brexit could help UK sidestep e-book VAT deadlock

The Publishers Association (PA) has expressed its disappointment in Brussels' inability to resolve a dispute with the Czech Republic preventing VAT on e-books from being reduced in the European Union.... Read more

New European digital tax to ensure Amazon pays 'fair' share

Amazon may be forced to pay a new tax proposed by the European Commission on EU operations of digital businesses. Read more

EIBF hails geo-blocking e-book ruling

The European and International Booksellers Federation (EIBF) has praised proposals devised between European Parliament, the Commission and the Council which will ensure the geo-blocking regulation... Read more

EC orders Amazon to pay €250m in back taxes

Amazon must pay €250m in back taxes after the European Commission judged the company had enjoyed tax benefits in Luxembourg which were illegal under EU... Read more

Amazon 'to be hit with huge bill over back taxes'

Amazon is reportedly on the cusp of being hit with a huge bill in back taxes by the European Commission, worth several hundred million euros.... Read more

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