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After the shock

In June 1975, ahead of the previous European Union referendum on whether the United Kingdom should remain in the European Economic Community, publisher George Weidenfeld... Read more

What next, after the 'Leave' win?

Literary and talent agent Diane Banks contemplates the next steps for the publishing industry following the UK's vote to leave the European Union. Read more

Keep calm and expect change

Philip Jones reacts to the result of the EU referendum and considers its impact on the publishing industry. Read more

Inside and out

Philip Jones looks at the impact that a Brexit may have on the book trade. Read more

The facts behind the fiction

Writing in a personal capacity, Jeremy Trevathan argues that the Brexit supporters have abandoned logic and reason. Read more

Reasons to be cheerful

Humfrey Hunter says the EU's stance on VAT and corporation tax are among the reasons to vote to leave the European Union. Read more

Making the case for Brexit

The publishing business ought to consider its product exports and personnel imports before choosing its side, argues Diane Banks. Read more

No deal Brexit: Export and printing logistics are key trade concerns

Export and printingĀ logisticsĀ have emerged as key trade concerns in the event of a no deal Brexit, with indie publishers and printers warning shipping and customs... Read more

Cameron 'to attack Gove' in upcoming memoir

Former prime minister David Cameron will launch a withering attack on his former colleague Michael Gove in his upcoming memoir, according to the Sunday Times.... Read more

Publisher to host EU celebration night on day of Article 50 trigger

Canbury Press is to host a gala evening to "celebrate the contribution of Europeans to the UK" as prime minister Theresa May prepares to trigger... Read more

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