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Delivery drones could launch next year

Drones may soon be able to fly beyond their operators' line of sight, opening up possibilities for retailers such as Amazon to use them for... Read more

Amazon plans to 'parachute' parcels from drones

Amazon is working out ways to parachute packages from its delivery drones to people’s homes. Read more

Amazon begins UK drone deliveries

Amazon has begun using drones to deliver parcels to customers in the UK, in a limited trial. Read more

Amazon to begin testing drones in US

Amazon will begin testing delivery drones after getting approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the US. The FAA yesterday (19th March) issued Amazon... Read more

Amazon recruits for UK drone engineers

Amazon has thrown more weight behind its plans to develop unmanned drones –“Octocopters” - to deliver orders to customers within half an hour. The online... Read more

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