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Should publishers commission an autobiography from Mrs May?

Political memoirs are big business – and these academics think they’ve found an algorithm that will help their would-be publishers take smarter risks. Read more

Finding the good place

Philip Jones asks whether Brexit could be beneficial for the book trade. Read more

Welcome to…

Philip Jones argues that the publishing industry needs to figure out what it can learn from recent political upheaval. Read more

S&S lands Woodward and Costa on the transition to Biden

Simon & Schuster has bagged Peril, the "spellbinding" analysis of the transition from President Trump to Biden by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa. ... Read more

Bloomsbury lands 'heart-racing' account of Trump's last year in office

Bloomsbury is to publish I Alone Can Fix It, a behind-the-scenes account of former US President Donald Trump’s final year in office, by Carol Leonnig and Philip... Read more

US Book Show debates future of political books after Trump

What the future may bring to our ever-expanding definition of “political” books was explored at a US Book Show panel held on the first anniversary of... Read more

Second book from Donald Trump's niece to Allen & Unwin

Donald Trump's niece, Mary L Trump, is publishing her second book with Allen & Unwin in July 2021, a year on from the publication of her... Read more

S&S US cancels book from US senator Josh Hawley

Simon & Schuster US has cancelled its forthcoming book from US senator Josh Hawley, following criticism of his actions in relation to the attack on the... Read more

US halves China book tariffs

The US has halved its tariffs on books made in China to 7.5% as the trade war between the two countries eases. Read more

Canongate signs Katyal's take on Trump impeachment

Canongate has snapped up Impeach by Neal Katyal, the former Acting Solicitor General of the United States, laying out the case for Donald Trump's impeachment. ... Read more

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