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Europe agrees on cross-border portability of online subscriptions

The European Parliament, Council and the Commission have reached an agreement to allow EU citizens to use online subscriptions, including for e-books as well as... Read more

Digital Single Market may have 'disastrous' cultural consequences

The "cultural consequences of the Digital Single Market in Europe would be disastrous", according to Chris Auty [pictured], head of the producing department of the... Read more

Pullman welcomes EC proposals on 'unjust' author contracts

The European Commission has released a new raft of proposals for copyright reform as part of its Digital Single Market (DSM) strategy, with one clause... Read more

EC's new geo-blocking rules won't apply to e-books

Trade bodies representing publishers and booksellers in Europe have welcomed the fact that new European Commission rules on geo-blocking do not apply to e-books, for... Read more

EC's 'more careful' copyright approach 'a relief'

Richard Mollet, c.e.o of The Publishers Association, has said it is a “relief” to see the European Commission “beginning to appreciate the need to move... Read more

Anticipation builds ahead of EC's communication on copyright reform

The first legislative communication on copyright reform, as part of the European Commisison's Digital Single Market strategy, is due later today.... Read more

Ansip: 'vested interests will fight us on copyright reform'

"Vested interests" profiting only a few will attempt to hold up the reform of copyright, Andrus Ansip, vice president for the digital single market (DSM)... Read more

EU consults on cross-border delivery

The European Commission has launched a consultation on delivery across borders, as part of its work on creating a digital single market. The... Read more

EC announces e-commerce competition inquiry

The European Commission has announced an antitrust competition inquiry into the e-commerce sector in the European Union, as part of 16 initiatives on a digital... Read more

EC to reveal plans for 'digital single market'

The European Commission is today (6th May) set to reveal plans for the “digital single market”, to remove barriers to online services across Europe. The... Read more

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