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Digital Science invests in AI platform Writefull

Holtzbrinck technology company Digital Science has invested in Artificial Intelligence-based language platform Writefull, the company's first significant investment in AI. Read more

Digital Science discovery platform 'will transform scholarly search'

Holtzbrinck technology company Digital Science has collaborated with high-profile universities and research funders to develop a platform, Dimensions, which it says will "democratise and transform... Read more

Digital Science awards catalyst grants

Holtzbrink's Digital Science division, a technology incubator, has chosen three early stage tech initiatives, Etalia, Simiary and Writefull, to receive its annual catalyst grants.... Read more

Digital Science invests in TetraScience

Holtzbrinck-owned technology software company Digital Science has made an investment in US start-up TetraScience. Read more

Altmetric to offer monograph data

Digital Science company Altmetric, which tracks and analyses online activity around journals articles, is to branch out to cover title and chapter insights for scholarly... Read more

Timo Hannay joins SAGE board

Timo Hannay is joining SAGE Publishing’s board as a non-executive director. Read more

NPG's article-sharing trial a success

Nature Publishing Group and ReadCube’s 12-month content sharing trial to support collaborative research will "continue indefinitely" following "positive results" and no sign of an adverse... Read more

Hook appointed as Digital Science m.d.

Digital Science has appointed Daniel Hook as its new managing director following previous m.d. Timo Hannay's departure to launch his own education technology start-up. Hook is... Read more

Labguru in AstraZeneca deal

Digital Science company BioData has licensed its Labguru system to AstraZeneca, the world's seventh largest pharmaceutical company. Labguru is a web-based research and laboratory management... Read more

Macmillan launches Digital Science programme for small investors

Macmillan Science and Education's technology division Digital Science has launched a new programme designed to help small investors decide which research projects to support. Dimensions... Read more

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