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Can publishing keep its soul in an increasingly data-driven future?

The Literary Platform's Sophie Rochester on publishing by numbers, and whether the industry can keep its soul in an increasingly data-driven future. Read more

Caroline Criado Perez's gender data gap 'exposé' takes £25k Royal Society Science Book Prize

Feminist campaigner Caroline Criado Perez’s "exposé" on the gender data gap, Invisible Women (Chatto & Windus), has scooped the £25,000 Royal Society Science Book Prize.... Read more

Nielsen signs deal with Openbook

Nielsen has signed an agreement with Chinese retail tracking service Openbook to share data on the international book market. The collaboration will increase the flow... Read more

Livres Hebdo stops measuring online sales

French trade publication Livres Hebdo has scrapped its monthly distance print book sales barometer, which measured online and mail order sales, as an indirect result... Read more

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