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The ancient well

 In Martin Latham’s excellent new book The Bookseller’s Tale (Particular Books), the manager of Waterstones Canterbury reminds us that we are all book peddlers, hustlers... Read more

2020 sideswipe

Future historians of the book business will have a problem when they look back on 2020. Read more

This may not destroy you

In Michaela Coel’s excellent BBC TV series “I May Destroy You”, her character Arabella’s journey concludes in a bookshop with the launch of her self-published... Read more

Needful things

Some weeks are sent to test us. This is one of them. On Monday, we learned that bookshops could be part of a first wave... Read more

Call the author

Nobody wants a story when they cannot breathe, wrote author Sarah Perry, in a piece published in the Guardian last week, that detailed her passing... Read more

Locked down, but not out

Last week I wrote, in respect of the coronavirus, that decisions taken in good faith one day, may go bad the next. Read more

Children’s trade optimistic sector can weather the pandemic after sales boost

A survey conducted by The Bookseller found most staffers in the children’s publishing sector were optimistic concerning its odds of surviving, and thriving, in a... Read more

Publishers Association hails ‘biggest year ever for UK publishing’ in latest report

The PA’s annual yearbook has found across-the-board growth for the book trade, with total invoiced sales up 3.5% on its last report—but Brexit and Covid-19... Read more

Physical retailers’ value to the trade has been heightened by pandemic, says Daunt

In an exclusive interview with The Bookseller, Waterstones m.d. James Daunt says the chain is set to reopen in England on Monday, and he does... Read more

Irish customers welcome reopened bookstores

"Eager" customers have "welcomed" the opening of bookstores in Ireland this week, The Bookseller has heard.  Read more

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