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People like you

Philip Jones tackles the thorny issue of copyright and new technologies in publishing. Read more

Writ to the future

In October 2004, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin made a rare appearance at the Frankfurt Book Fair to launch what for them must... Read more

Green Party naive on copyright

To describe someone as green can be either to say they are ecologically aware or desperately naive. The Green Party's copyright policy displays... Read more

SoA renews calls for 'gold standard' copyright regime post-Brexit

Society of Authors c.e.o. Nicola Solomon has renewed calls for Britain to retain its “gold standard” rules on copyright now it has left the European... Read more

Audible looks to end Captions copyright lawsuit in US

Lawyers for Audible say the legal action against its Captions programme could soon be over, in a letter to the court.  Read more

EU copyright law passes final hurdle

The Council of the European Union has approved the EU’s new law on copyright, making digital platforms like Google and Facebook legally responsible for content... Read more

Copyright must not be bargaining chip in trade negotations, says SoA

Copyright "must not be used as bargaining chip" in trade negotiations, the Society of Authors (SoA) has said. Read more

Trade dismayed after controversial EU copyright law rejected

Publishers and authors have expressed their disappointment and "worry" after a controversial EU copyright law was rejected by parliament. Read more

BA urges MEPs to support controversial copyright law

Tim Godfray, executive chairman of the Booksellers Association, has written to all UK MEPs asking them to support publishers in their fight against copyright infringement.... Read more

Hillary Clinton backs US copyright reform

Hillary Clinton has come out in favour of US copyright reform, revealed by a campaign document announcing her "tech and innovation agenda".... Read more

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