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Facing exhaustion

It’s hardly a catchy term, and discussion about it quickly becomes mired in impenetrable language, but the issue of “international rights exhaustion” should be at... Read more

People like you

Philip Jones tackles the thorny issue of copyright and new technologies in publishing. Read more

Writ to the future

In October 2004, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin made a rare appearance at the Frankfurt Book Fair to launch what for them must... Read more

Green Party naive on copyright

To describe someone as green can be either to say they are ecologically aware or desperately naive. The Green Party's copyright policy displays... Read more

Trade relieved but cautious as government delays decision on UK copyright changes

The government has decided not to change copyright exhaustion laws for the time being following a consultation which led to a campaign by the industry.... Read more

New York's library e-book licensing bill vetoed as Maryland challenge looms

The Association of American Publishers (AAP) has welcomed the decision by New York Governor Kathy Hochul to veto a bill that would have forced publishers... Read more

Challenge over Maryland library e-books law set for February

A law forcing publishers in the US and abroad to license e-books to the state's public libraries in the US state of Maryland is expected to come... Read more

'Devastating' copyright changes could put 64% of publisher revenue at risk

Changes to current copyright laws could put up to 64% of publisher book revenue at risk, according to research by the Publishers Association. Read more

Audio royalties come under scrutiny as sales of audiobooks continue to soar

A number of agents have spoken out against low royalty rates their clients receive for audio adaptations of books, as well as the sector’s reliance... Read more

Trade bodies 'highly concerned' by taskforce recommendations on parallel imports

The Publishers Association and the Society of Authors have condemned proposals in a new report by the Taskforce on Innovation, Growth & Regulatory Reform (TIGRR), which has been... Read more

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