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Afua Hirsch to speak at Conduit autumn event

Booker Prize judge and author Afua Hirsch will speak at the Conduit autumn event later this month, aimed at women in publishing. Read more

Williams and Lunn join Conduit panel celebrating women in publishing

Writer and broadcaster Laura Jane Williams and RED journalist Natasha Lunn will join the second Conduit event, celebrating women in publishing. ... Read more

'This generation is different'; Frances-White says women will take trade's top jobs

Almost 200 people attended the first official Conduit event, as host Deborah Frances-White spoke of how soon the industry’s top jobs will “routinely” be taken... Read more

Conduit women in publishing event sells out—organisers forced to find bigger venue

The newly launched collective for women in publishing, Conduit, has found an expanded venue for its inaugural meeting next month after an overwhelming response saw all spaces snapped up within an... Read more

A M Heath launches Conduit collective for women in publishing

A new group for women in publishing, Conduit, has been launched by A M Heath, with the first meeting scheduled for April. Read more

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