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Business profile: David Henderson, managing director of Top That Publishing

Indie child publisher Top That has upped its digital game while remaining true to its core. Tom Tivnam talks to m.d. David Henderson about apps,... Read more

Business profile: Michael Tamblyn, chief content officer, Kobo

Kobo continues to ramp up its international business. Tom Tivnan talks to its publishing point man Michael Tamblyn on UK market share, self-publishing and what comes... Read more

Business profile: Elena Lappin, publisher, Pushkin One

Cathy Rentzenbrink meets Elena Lappin to talk about her new boutique imprint Pushkin One Read more

Business profile: Bastei Lübbe

Family-owned indie Bastei Lübbe has harnessed its bestsellers to make itself one of Germany’s sharpest, most innovative publishers. Anja Sieg meets the team at its... Read more

Business profile: Brenda Purdue and Jim Binchy, joint m.d.s, Hachette Ireland

A horrific recession and a shrinking market have not slowed Hachette Ireland. Tom Tivnan talks to its joint managing directors, Brenda Purdue and Jim Binchy, about... Read more

Business profile: David Shelley, publisher, Little, Brown

David Shelley, editor of The Casual Vacancy by J K Rowling, talks to Felicity Wood Read more

Business profile: Patrick Brown, Goodreads director of community

Felicity Woods meets Patrick Brown, Goodreads director of community, to talk Amazon, analytics and algorithms Read more

Business profile: Iain Dale, m.d., Biteback

The Biteback founder Iain Dale talks to Tom Tivnan about turning publishers into retailers, making enemies and his ambivalence towards WH Smith Read more

In depth: HMH c.e.o. Linda Zecher

Linda Zecher, c.e.o. of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, talks to Tom Tivnan Read more

In depth: Summersdale

Alastair Williams, m.d. and co-founder of the Chichester-based independent Summersdale, talks to Tom Tivnan Read more

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