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Disrupting class?

Benedicte Page explores the balancing act that education publishers have on their hands as they engage with the digital transition. Read more

Collins Learning m.d. looks to future growth in Far East to expand market reach

The UK government has started to interfere with textbook publishing in a “narrow and constrictive” way, leaving the educational publishing industry “reeling”, the m.d. of... Read more

DfE has 'questions' to answer over maths textbook scheme

Colin Hughes, chair of the Publishers Association's Education Publishers Council, has called into question the Department for Education's (DfE) method of evaluating textbooks for its South... Read more

Gojimo's Burgess criticises lack of innovation from publishers

George Burgess, founder of edtech start-up Gojimo, has criticised education publishers for a lack of innovation in their field, commenting: "There is still a lot... Read more

Are edtech firms gaining ground?

While the edtech (educational technology) space is buzzing, traditional education publishers are too slow on their feet, failing to innovate to any notable degree, and... Read more

BBC Bitesize promotion will 'kill start-ups and destroy jobs'

Educational publishers have raised concerns over the BBC’s revision platform Bitesize, after the organisation launched a free app with cross-promotion on BBC TV and Radio.... Read more

Textbooks 'central' to reducing teacher workloads

Textbooks are central to minimising the strain put on teachers, a government report has found. Read more

PA and BESA launch textbook guides for publishers

The Publishers Association (PA) and the British Education Suppliers Association (BESA) have today launched guides to producing textbooks for publishers. Read more

Staying the course

The prospect of five years of majority Conservative government may have filled some with gloom, but for educational publishers at least, it signifies a certain... Read more

One exam board 'good for publishers and bookshops'

The prospect of one exam board for all examinations in England could improve textbooks and be positive for high street booksellers, two educational publishers have... Read more

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