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'Freed' HK bookseller seized again by Chinese agents

Hong Kong publisher and bookseller Gui Minhai has been seized again by Chinese agents on suspicion of sharing secret information with Swedish diplomats. ... Read more

BA calls on Hammond to intervene over Hong Kong bookseller

Tim Godfray, chief executive of The Booksellers Association, has written to the foreign secretary, asking that the government "thoroughly investigates all the facts" relating to the disappearances of missing Hong... Read more

Missing HK bookseller confirmed in China

Chinese police have confirmed that missing publisher/bookseller Lee Bo is in China, following weeks of silence since his disappearance from his bookshop warehouse in Hong Kong on... Read more

UK 'urgently' seeking assistance tracing missing Hong Kong bookseller

The UK's Foreign Office has confirmed that one of the five missing Hong Kong book publishers is a British citizen and has said it is "deeply concerned"... Read more

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