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The disability pay gap

The disability pay gap

Last month, Penguin Random House released their disability pay gap report along with statistics for sexual orientation and socio-economic background. Whilst the publication of the report was... Read more

Access Denied: disabled employees and job seekers reveal their stories

An in-depth report into the publishing industry, and how accessible it is to those with disabilities, shows there is much work to do to make... Read more

Mitchell and Drewry launch disability network

An industry-wide disability network is launching this autumn, run by Penguin Random House Children’s assistant editor Ellie Drewry and Cat Mitchell, lecturer in publishing at... Read more

Mitchell calls for more access for disabled people in trade events

Academic and former publisher Cat Mitchell has urged the trade to ensure disabled people can access events once physical line-ups return.  Read more

Cat Mitchell unveils disability survey for the trade

Academic and former Penguin Random House publicist Cat Mitchell is calling on the publishing trade to share evidence around inclusivity and accessibility to disabled people. ... Read more

Penguin General hires two in communications team

Two new people are joining the Penguin General communications team: Hannah Ludbrook and Cat Mitchell. Read more

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