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Canelo snares Bugler crime series in four-book deal

Canelo has snared a new crime series by Sheila Bugler in a four-book deal, following fictional journalist Dee Doran’s investigations in Eastbourne. Read more

Canelo launches audiobook publishing programme

Canelo has launched an audiobook publishing programme and announced two new arrivals at its editorial team. Read more

Hera and Canelo sign Sinclair police series

Hera and Canelo have announced a joint deal for the first police procedural series by thriller writer Rob Sinclair. Read more

Canelo reveals 'significant' new print programme for 2019

Digital publisher Canelo has revealed it is moving into print publishing for the first time as part of the company's continued expansion.... Read more

Mooney and Naidoo found commercial digital publisher

Lindsey Mooney and Keshini Naidoo are launching a female-fronted digital-first publisher ‘Hera’ with support from Canelo, The Bookseller can reveal. Read more

Tonge signs 'impactful' novel with Canelo

Canelo has acquired two new novels by Samantha Tonge. Read more

If He Wakes thriller debut to Canelo

Canelo has signed a psychological suspense novel about two women who learn "harrowing truths" about their partners. Read more

Canelo signs three-book deal for new police series

Digital publisher Canelo has signed a three-book deal for a new police procedural series by Rachel Lynch. Read more

Riccardi joins Canelo as head of sales

Canelo has appointed Francesca Riccardi to the newly-created role of head of sales. Read more

Canelo's Cullen buys two 'major' novels for its 2017 list

Canelo has bought two “major” novels for its 2017 list including a debut thriller about a child abduction and a story about a woman whose struggle... Read more

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