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Springer Nature, CUP and Thieme agree to collaborate with ResearchGate

Three academic publishers – Springer Nature, Cambridge University Press and Thieme – have reached an agreement with ResearchGate to work together on the sharing of articles.... Read more

Four more academic publishers reveal gender pay gaps

Academic publishers Taylor & Francis (T&F), Wiley, SAGE and Cambridge University Press have published their gender pay gap data, with all showing pay gaps in... Read more

CUP launches content-sharing pilot

Cambridge University Press is launching a content-sharing pilot on its Cambridge Core platform, which will allow users and authors to share read-only versions of journal... Read more

Core lessons from CUP's first major 'agile' venture

The development never stops at Cambridge Core, Cambridge University Press’ joint platform combining books and journals content, as Benedicte Page finds out. Read more

My Job in 5: Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown tells us all about his role as content manager at Cambridge University Press. Read more

Company spotlight: 'Deep partnership' is key for CUP

Cambridge University press c.e.o. Peter Phillips explains how the publisher is working ever more closely with other university departments to capitalise on 'the Cambridge Advantage'.... Read more

Second CUP journal challenged by China

Cambridge University Press (CUP) has fended off another request from Chinese authorities to censor content in one of its journals.  Read more

'Don't punish CUP over censorship U-turn', China urged

The International Publishers Association (IPA) has applauded Cambridge University Press' decision to reverse the censorship of hundreds of articles online from one of its journals, but has... Read more

CUP backs down over China censorship

Cambridge University Press has back-pedalled on its decision to censor hundreds of articles from one of its flagship journals in China.... Read more

IPA calls on China to overturn 'assault' on academic freedom

The International Publishers Association (IPA) is calling on the Chinese authorities to overturn its decision to censor articles in a Cambridge University Press journal, calling the act... Read more

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