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PM’s days are numbered in Daugherty’s new YA spy-thriller series

C J Daugherty is to return to YA writing with a series of spy thrillers focused around the daughter of a British Prime Minister.... Read more

Daugherty: Plagiarism rife on Wattpad

A Young Adult author who claims plagiarised versions of her books have been viewed nearly 100,000 times on Wattpad has criticised the community writing website... Read more

Authors call for PLR to be applied to remote e-loans

Authors have called for Public Lending Right (PLR) to be extended to all e-book loans from libraries. PLR is paid to an author each time... Read more

Webisodes for Daugherty's Night School series

UK-based YA author C J Daugherty is creating a web series based her Night School series (Atom). The series of six short films has been... Read more

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