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Man Booker Prize announces vloggers 'book club'

The Man Booker Prize has announced a vloggers book club featuring five popular “BookTubers” living in the UK who will be following the prize. The... Read more

Walker partners with vloggers

Walker Books is partnering with vloggers and BookTubers, including YA Book Prize judge Rosianna Halse Rojas, to promote its 2015 YA titles, including the... Read more

Quercus launches Christmas book-giving campaign

Quercus has launched a Christmas campaign to celebrate the joy of giving and receiving books. As part of the Greatest Gift campaign, 15 key bloggers... Read more

Tamblyn, Stein and Nash present industry 'Big Ideas'

Gathering data to create an informed picture of consumers, utilising the skills of all staff, and valuing BookTubers were among the suggestions put forward at... Read more

Watch time at YouTube 'growing 50% a year'

Publishers who do not have a strategy related to YouTube are missing an opportunity, publicists and marketeers were told at a YouTube conference held yesterday... Read more

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