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Bookshops and libraries join forces

Bookshops and libraries may seem, to some, unlikely allies. One is in the business of selling books while the other lends them out for free.... Read more

BA launches Independent Children’s Book of the Month Scheme

The Booksellers Association is launching an indie Children’s Book of the Month promotion following on from last year’s Children’s Book of the Season campaign.... Read more

Bookshop Day 'went brilliantly', say booksellers

Bookshops up and down the country say they saw footfall increase on Saturday thanks to the Bookshop Day campaign, organised by Booksellers Association.... Read more

Sarpong, Porter and du Beke among Bookshop Day authors

June Sarpong, Sophie Mackintosh, Anton du Beke and Max Porter are some of the authors preparing to take part in this year's Bookshop Day on... Read more

BA 'dismayed' by allegations HMRC was told 'go easy on Amazon'

The Booksellers Association has expressed "dismay" at the suggestion HMRC was told to "go easy" on Amazon by ministers reluctant to bring the retail giant to task over the amount... Read more

'DK Days' for booksellers unveiled

Booksellers have been invited to get a taste of what it is like to work at a publishing house by DK. Read more

Booksellers demand tax law change after Amazon filings

The Booksellers Association (BA) has called for the UK’s tax system to be overhauled after it has emerged that Amazon UK Services corporation tax bill... Read more

Pullman calls for reintroduction of fixed book prices

Philip Pullman has called for a reintroduction of a minimum price for books to protect independent bookshops, calling them “the lantern bearers of civilisation”.... Read more

Irish bookshop figures fall to new low

The number of bookshops in Ireland has dropped by 30 in the past decade, new figures have revealed, but booksellers in the country are currently... Read more

'Over 2,000' stores to mark National Bookshop Day

Over 2,000 bookshops are preparing to celebrate the UK’s inaugural Bookshop Day on Saturday 8th October with events and book clubs, according to The Booksellers... Read more

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