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Bodley Head snaps up Chelsea Manning's memoir

The Bodley Head will publish Chelsea Manning’s "riveting" memoir in early 2020. Read more

Bodley Head triumphs in seven-way auction for Operation Information

The Bodley Head has snapped up Operation Information, revealing the full history of Britain’s covert propaganda operations overseas and within the UK from the 1940s... Read more

Bodley Head to publish Cooke's 'lucid and brilliant' non-fiction

The Bodley Head is publishing a new "important" non-fiction book by journalist Rachel Cooke, called The Reckoning. Read more

Bodley gets its head together for Retreat

The Bodley Head publisher Stuart Williams has acquired UK and Commonwealth rights in Nat Segnit’s Retreat, pre-empting within 24 hours of receiving the proposal.... Read more

Bodley Head pre-empts investigation into Britain's 'new politics'

The Bodley Head has pre-empted an investigation into Britain’s "radical new politics" by political journalist Jack Shenker.... Read more

Bodley Head wins fungi title after eight-way auction

The Bodley Head has won an eight-publisher auction to publish Entangled Life, a "literary and scientific journey" into the world of fungi. ... Read more

'Haunting' US border control memoir to Bodley Head

The Bodley Head is publishing the memoir of a former US border patrol agent, Francisco Cantú, to explore the politics and experience of gatekeepers and victims on both sides... Read more

Gordon Brown to reveal 'harsh truths' in memoir

Gordon Brown is publishing a memoir with The Bodley Head this autumn, telling the story of his life in politics and revealing "harsh truths" about British... Read more

John Murray publisher Roland Philipps to leave Hachette

Roland Philipps is leaving Hachette after 22 years at Hodder & Stoughton, most recently as publisher of John Murray, to concentrate on working as a... Read more

No Brainer pre-empt for Bodley Head

The Bodley Head has acquired No Brainer by neuroscientist Gina Rippon, a book arguing "biology is not destiny", and shunning the idea of 'male' and 'female' brains.... Read more

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