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Bluemoose's Duffy calls for industry fund to support indie presses

Bluemoose Books founder Kevin Duffy has called on the publishing industry to rally behind its smaller presses at this time of crisis and to establish a... Read more

Indie publishers face 'existential crisis' after coronavirus lockdown but remain hopeful

Indie publishers face an “existential crisis” during the pandemic lockdown but remain hopeful they can make it to the other side. Read more

Bluemoose to run first writing school retreat in May 2020

Independent Hebden Bridge-based publisher Bluemoose Books will run its first writing school in May 2020 with a second planned for September. Read more

Bluemoose launches subscription model for its women-only publishing year

Bluemoose Books is launching a subscription model for the first time, to accompany its year of only publishing female writers over 45 in 2020. Read more

Bluemoose sells Hession debut to US in three-way auction

Bluemoose Books has sold Ronan Hession’s debut Leonard and Hungry Paul to Melville House in America following a three-way auction.... Read more

Bloomsbury buys Myers' backlist to support new novel

Bloomsbury has bought Benjamin Myers’ backlist titles from Bluemoose Books in support of the publication of his new novel The Offing.... Read more

Northern Fiction Alliance members' sales boosted

Members of the Northern Fiction Alliance have said they have seen boosts in book and rights sales from being part of the coalition.... Read more

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