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Bloomsbury Sigma picks up second from Chapman

Bloomsbury Sigma will publish Racing Green: How Motorsport Science Can Save the World by Kit Chapman, a "surprising" insight into how science in motorsport extends its reach far... Read more

Bloomsbury Sigma acquires Ploszajski’s handmade debut

Bloomsbury Sigma has acquired Anna Ploszajski’s debut book Handmade: A Scientist’s Search for Meaning through Making. Read more

Bloomsbury snaps up climate change history

Bloomsbury imprint Sigma has snapped up Dr Alice Bell's book on the history of climate change. Read more

Bloomsbury buys chicken industry probe

Bloomsbury will publish Grilled, about the fight for better conditions for farmed chickens, from American campaigner Leah Garcés. Read more

Air pollution investigation to Bloomsbury Sigma

Bloomsbury Sigma has signed Clearing the Air by environmental journalist Tim Smedley in a "major" acquisition for the imprint. Read more

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