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Kiley Reid | 'Those things aren’t her fault, but the fallacy of the American Dream makes her think that it is'

What is it like to be paid to be part of someone’s family? Kiley Reid’s début Such a Fun Age explores the uneasy nature of... Read more

Harrison wins EU Prize for Literature

Melissa Harrison has been revealed as the UK winner of the European Union Prize for Literature 2019 with All Among the Barley (Bloomsbury Circus), a novel exploring... Read more

Melissa Broder | 'Why is it always a man and a mermaid? What if it was a woman and a merman?'

Melissa Broder’s first full length novel, The Pisces (Bloomsbury Circus), follows heartbroken PHD student Lucy as she moves to her sister's house in Venice Beach and subsequently falls in... Read more

Jesmyn Ward | 'I want to tell the truth about this place'

We talked to Jesmyn Ward about her National Book Award-winnning third novel Sing, Unburied, Sing. Read more

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