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The infant phenomenon

In Nicholas Nickleby, “the Infant Phenomenon” Ninetta Crummles is hailed by her parents as a marvel of talent and acting ability; a pocket titan, ready... Read more

Cruise control

Publishers are businesses travelling at different velocities, but it would be rare to see one exceed the speed limit. At the Frankfurt Book Fair, as... Read more

A terrifying liberation

It bothers me that “consumer publishing” is often understood as marketing to the mass market. All book publishers today need to be consumer publishers, whether... Read more

Myths of discoverability

Discoverability is a popular topic in the industry today with lots of debate over whose responsibility it is but there are few articles offering practical... Read more

Publishing's selfie

In a week's time, a significant rump of the book business will decamp to Frankfurt for the annual book fair, now in its 66th year.... Read more

The joy of rhyme

I recently asked my son Evan why he liked stories that rhyme. His answer was, “Because they’re funny, Daddy.”  When I asked him why he thought they were funny,... Read more

How I fell into coding and why I love it

Anna Cunnane is Export Sales Manager at Kyle Books. In her spare time she is Chair of the Society of Young Publishers and dabbles in... Read more

Brahmachari to be Booktrust writer-in-residence

Charity Booktrust has appointed Sita Brahmachari as its new online writer-in-residence. Brahmachari will take over from Philip Ardagh and her first blog post will appear... Read more

That narrow road

The week of the Man Booker Prize is always a good moment to reflect on the power of the book and the novel—and how these... Read more

The man with the golden pen?

The man with the golden pen?

The man with the golden pen? You only live twice, but James Bond, and the men behind him, keep coming back with a vengeance. The... Read more

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