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New year cheer

Last week the Booksellers Association (BA) reported that the number of independent bookshops in the UK and Ireland had grown for the fifth consecutive year,... Read more

Full stream ahead

​Last week I wrote that the growth in the listening market risked leaving publishing behind, with two of the fastest growers, Spotify and Storytel, running... Read more

A matter of volume

I used to imagine an Apple event where its c.e.o. Tim Cook would unveil a standalone audiobook app with exclusive audio-only titles available on subscription.... Read more

Yinka, what happened next?

Yinka, what happened next?

I’m staring at the blinking cursor at the top of the blank page. Sooo much has happened since my last column. Gosh, where do I... Read more

The art of the normal

Super Thursday has arrived early this year. Read more

Lockdown diaries: changing times

Lockdown diaries: changing times

In terms of technology, we were lucky to be well set up for remote working: our company had already made sure we were equipped with... Read more

What do we actually know about British readers?

We have a vague idea, and a great deal of received wisdom, but, notoriously, we’ve found it challenging to answer some of the simplest questions.... Read more

Twenty years of previewing books

My first preview of non-fiction was published in The Bookseller on 11th August 2000. Read more

The infant phenomenon

In Nicholas Nickleby, “the Infant Phenomenon” Ninetta Crummles is hailed by her parents as a marvel of talent and acting ability; a pocket titan, ready... Read more

Cruise control

Publishers are businesses travelling at different velocities, but it would be rare to see one exceed the speed limit. At the Frankfurt Book Fair, as... Read more

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