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The rule of six

The Booker this week caused a minor fluctuation in the space-time continuum with the unveiling of a shortlist variously described as diverse, fresh, and baffling.... Read more

Promoting authors

Promoting authors

The publishing frenzy that is Super Thursday will leave many authors in the cold, having to find new ways to engage with potential readers of... Read more

On the come up

Last week The Stage magazine reported that UK theatre stood on a precipice, without government help or a reopening plan; on the BBC’s “Front Row”, the conductor... Read more

An open letter to UK publishing from the Black Writers' Guild

An open letter to UK publishing from the Black Writers' Guild

The protest movement sweeping the world since the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis has forced an international soul searching to understand the pervasive racial... Read more

Remake, not return

Remake, not return

Reading patterns may have shifted during lockdown, but publishers must capitalise on the new opportunities and reappraise booksellers’ role. Read more

Call the author

Nobody wants a story when they cannot breathe, wrote author Sarah Perry, in a piece published in the Guardian last week, that detailed her passing... Read more

Brave new worlds

Today we face, as a trade, as businesses and as humans, an unparalleled challenge in the wake of the spread of the coronavirus, Covid-19, across... Read more

Publicity in a time of corona

Just three weeks ago I had all been ready and excited for the Live From London event to announce the recipients of the Windham-Campbell Prizes... Read more

Leveraging invisible work

From the outside, publishing is showing signs of rude health. Read more

One direction

For those who have been hiding under a book these past few years and months, I regret to inform you that as of 11 p.m.... Read more

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