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Georgina Lawton | 'Ideas from our parents form the backbone to our identities'

Journalist Georgina Lawton's new memoir Raceless explores erasure and identity through the prism of her own upbringing as a mixed-race child Read more

Sasha Swire | 'I just want it to stand as a portrait of a political decade'

The hilarious and insightful diaries of Sasha Swire provide a laser-sharp view of British politics over the past decade Read more

Christopher Eccleston | 'I’m as proud of my enemies as I am of my friends'

Actor Christopher Eccleston discusses the book that originated with an interview to promote awareness of Alzheimer’s.   Read more

Edith Eger | 'I have a joy that is within me that I cherish so much'

Holocaust survivor and acclaimed psychologist Edith Eger talks about The Choice, her extraordinary memoir. Read more

Claire Tomalin | 'Investigating people's lives is what I most enjoy doing'

The acclaimed biographer and former books journalist Claire Tomalin turns her inquisitive eye on a new subject: herself. Caroline Sanderson reports. Read more

Min Kym | 'The instrument just seemed to complete my life'

Caroline Sanderson talks to Min Kym about her book Gone: A Girl, A Violin, A Life Unstrung, and her journey through music.... Read more

Declan Murphy and Ami Rao | 'I have cried more in the making of this book than I have ever cried in my life'

Champion jockey Declan Murphy wasn’t expected to survive a horrific riding accident in 1994 - let alone live to tell the tale, in conjunction with... Read more

Howard Cunnell | 'I wanted to write the stories that were about love'

Howard Cunnell's Fathers & Sons is a memoir about a search for identity and what it is to be a man that packs a punch... Read more

Keggie Carew | 'All this stuff was screaming at me'

Caroline Sanderson talks to Keggie Carew about her book Dadland (Chatto & Windus), which melds memoir, military history and more. Read more

Frederick Forsyth | 'I didn’t want to do an autobiography because that would involve scholarship and research'

Bestselling thriller author Frederick Forsyth has opted to write about his own life–although it;s far from a conventional memoir, he tells Philip Jones... Read more

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