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Ruth Ozeki's Tale for the Time Being

American Book Award-winner Ruth Ozeki talks about her new novel and how she builds a story Read more

Mary Beard's classics adventure

Classicist Mary Beard talks Tacitus, television and trowels - and discusses her new book, Confronting the Classics Read more

Kate Worsley's tales of the sea

Author of debut novel She Rises Kate Worsley was inspired by a Joseph Conrad audiobook that told of falling under the ocean's spell Read more

Jennie Rooney on secrets and spies

Jennie Rooney tells WLTB how her latest book, Red Joan, was inspired by the true life story of an old woman with a very undercover... Read more

Helena Rubinstein, the beauty queen

Michèle Fitoussi on the woman who invented the beauty industry Read more

Re-telling Rapunzel

Kate Forsyth, the author of a reimagining of Rapunzel, Bitter Greens, explains how illness inspired her to write about the trapped princess Read more

Did Shakespeare hate his wife?

Anne Hathaway is famous throughout history for being Shakespeare's devoted wife. But the playwright's will states otherwise... Read more

The Suspicions of D.E. Meredith

The Victorians invented crime-solving methods that are still used today. D.E. Meredith tracks down the 19th-century detectives Read more

Extract: Lost and Found

Tom Winter's debut novel Lost and Found is a very modern love story Read more

The Child in Me: Jim Smith

The Barry Loser author reveals what made him want to write - and what he loves to read Read more

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