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Scottish indie sells translation to Bacharevič's 'Belarusian manifesto'

Independent publishing house Scotland Street Press has sold US rights to New Directions press in New York for its translation of Alindarka’s Children, a novel centred on the... Read more

PEN condemns court ruling to close Belarus centre

The Belarusian PEN Centre has been closed down following a ruling by the country's Supreme Court, leading to condemnation by leaders of the international writers'... Read more

SoA condemns author arrests in Belarus protests

The Society of Authors has condemned the arrest of three author members of Belarus PEN, reported to have been detained amid protests in Minsk demanding the resignation of President Alexander Lukashenko.... Read more

Belarus publisher crowd funds to pay government fine

Independent Belarusian publishing house and bookshop Lohvinau has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help pay a government fine for selling books without state... Read more

Belarus publisher faces January trial

Ihar Lohvinau, who won the International Publishers Association's Freedom to Publish Prize 2014 earlier this year, is to face judgement and sentencing in January,... Read more

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