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Dante: Love and Revenge

A.N. Wilson paints the picture of a furious, romantic Dante at the Independent Bath Literature Festival Read more

Christ to Coke: How Images Become Icon

Martin Kemp on how images became icon – and why the Swastika is a fantastic piece of graphic design Read more

The music of silence

What happens when you lose the thing you love most? And what, like Nick Coleman, if that is your livelihood? Read more

Abandon ship!

Frances Wilson on the infamous J. Bruce Ismay - the owner of the Titanic who scrambled aboard a lifeboat with the women and children Read more

Why we kicked off

Newnight's Paul Mason painted a picture of modern chaos at the Bath Festival Read more

Saving Religion: Alain De Botton

Alain de Botton preaches taking inspiration from religion at the 2012 Bath Festival Read more

Dickens: A Man For Today

Dickens is the man of the year as his bicentenary celebrations continue. Claire Tomalin talks about the flawed hero at Bath Lit Fest Read more

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