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Writ to the future

In October 2004, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin made a rare appearance at the Frankfurt Book Fair to launch what for them must... Read more

Authors Guild backs AAP’s Audible lawsuit

The Authors Guild is supporting the Association of American Publishers (AAP) as the organisation sues Amazon’s audiobook company Audible over a new speech-to-text feature. ... Read more

Authors United warns of attacks on 'author livelihoods' under Trump administration

The new US administration under Donald Trump could make things "very, very much worse" for authors, according to campaign group Authors United.... Read more

Google wins copyright book-scanning battle

The US Supreme Court has denied the American Authors Guild right to appeal the Google copyright infringement case, bringing a decade-old suit to a close.... Read more

Authors and publishers urge US to help missing booksellers

Author and publishing organisations worldwide have banded together to urge the United States' government to investigate the disappearances of five missing Hong Kong (HK) publishers.... Read more

SoA challenges publishers to 'serious contract reform'

The Society of Authors has issued an open letter, addressed to members of the Publishers Association and Independent Publishers Guild, asking publishers to address the issue... Read more

Authors and booksellers call for overturn of Apple ruling

A group of authors and booksellers have filed a motion in the US asking for the Supreme Court’s decision against Apple's role in a 2010... Read more

SoA 'disappointment' on US Google decision

Nicola Solomon, chief executive of The Society of Authors, has spoken out in support of the Authors Guild, voicing her “disappointment” following the recent decision... Read more

US: authors ask DOJ to investigate Amazon

Author protest group Authors United is asking authors to sign a letter to the US Justice Department, asking it "to examine Amazon's control of the... Read more

Authors Guild demands 50% e-book royalty

The US Authors Guild has begun to ratchet up the pressure on publishers to pay authors a greater share of earnings from e-books as part... Read more

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