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The bottom line

The bottom line

In November 2020 I was one of the authors giving evidence during an inquiry conducted by the All-Party Parliamentary Writers Groups (APWG) for their investigation... Read more

Authors’ mental health MOT

Authors’ mental health MOT

The Christmas decorations are down, the tin of Quality Street is empty and now I’m planning my author goals for the year. Read more

Donaldson defies 2020's 17-week data hole to breach eight figures once again

Children’s stalwart Julia Donaldson reclaimed the top spot among authors in 2020. Read more

Promoting authors

Promoting authors

The publishing frenzy that is Super Thursday will leave many authors in the cold, having to find new ways to engage with potential readers of... Read more

Bookshop events: no 'wow'

Mentioning no names, but aren't some bookshop events in London - and increasingly elsewhere - succumbing to the over-heated London price overdrive, leaving many of... Read more

From agent to author; my experience

When Hodder approached me last year about writing a book on creative writing, I was nervous about being on the other side of the fence... Read more

Fair pay for authors

Why should authors be paid? Because it’s hard, skilled work and professionals are paid. It’s an important principle: authors, writers and illustrators should... Read more

Writing for TV and children's books – what's the difference?

Cas Lester, author of the Nixie the Bad, Bad Fairy series (Oxford University Press) and former head of drama development at CBBC, talks about the... Read more

Vanity fair?

On the face of it, it is paradoxical that while it’s never been easier for authors to get their books into print, there has never... Read more

The shock of the fall

What do authors really earn? Public perception tends to veer between polarised clichés: you’re either a bestseller courting Hollywood or an impoverished artiste. But what’s... Read more

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