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Christopher Lloyd | 'Today’s children are the executives of tomorrow'

What on Earth Books’ Christopher Lloyd has gathered illustrators from around the world for a vibrant call-to-arms for children Read more

Vanessa Nakate | 'Climate change is pushing millions of people into extreme poverty and leaving them with nothing'

Vanessa Nakate’s manifesto for change is a wake-up call that will redefine the debate on climate change Read more

Thomas Harding | 'We need to acknowledge and take responsibility for White Debt'

The latest book by award-winning non-fiction writer Thomas Harding is a searing account of an 1823 uprising that changed the discourse around slavery Read more

Sarah Hilary | 'I wanted to capture that sense of divided loyalties'

Sarah Hilary’s first book after her Marnie Rome series is a standalone slice of modern Gothic Read more

Rosie Jones | 'I wanted to write the book I needed as a child'

Comedian Rosie Jones has added another string to her bow by authoring a children’s book series—the sort of titles she says she needed as a... Read more

Maud Rowell | 'I want to tell people what it’s like to have this disability'

Maud Rowell takes readers on a startling history of sight loss Read more

Holly Smale | 'Change happens one story at a time, reminding the world what autism is from the inside'

Holly Smale, bestselling author of the Geek Girl series, discusses how autistic characters, and authors, should no longer be seen as ‘niche’ Read more

Judith Heumann | 'It’s important for people to be able to see themselves"

Activist Judith Heumann’s memoir is an unflinching tale of struggle—and hope Read more

Alastair Chisholm | 'I was trying to think about what I liked at that age'

Alastair Chisholm’s latest book opens a young fiction series set in a magical world with dragons aplenty   Read more

Helen Monks Takhar | 'I started to get really angry about the hate narrative against Millennials in the mainstream press'

The end of catcalls during her jogs caused an unexpected epiphany for journalist-turned-author Helen Monks Takhar. Read more

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