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Hanya Yanagihara | 'We do feel that sort of collective uneasiness about what is awaiting us'

The eagerly anticipated third novel by Hanya Yanagihara envisions three different versions of America. Read more

Obadiah M | 'I want readers of this story to understand there is hope after hopelessness'

Forced to flee Rwanda in the 1990s in order to escape the genocide in the nation, and fearing for his life in the wake of... Read more

Sequoia Nagamatsu | 'Speculative fiction can open a dialogue'

Sequoia Nagamatsu’s bold first novel imagines how future humans might grapple with the fallout from climate change Read more

Kiley Reid | 'Those things aren’t her fault, but the fallacy of the American Dream makes her think that it is'

What is it like to be paid to be part of someone’s family? Kiley Reid’s début Such a Fun Age explores the uneasy nature of... Read more

Richard Mabey | 'I get a bit pissed off at the idea that reconnecting with nature is a kind of Prozac'

The man lauded as the father figure of modern nature writing, Richard Mabey, tells Caroline Sanderson why we should wonder at plantlife Read more

Meet the author: Desmond Elliott shortlistees

The Desmond Elliott Prize 2015 shortlist has been announced, with three female authors all battling it out for the £10,000 prize, given each... Read more

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