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Mary Gaitskill | 'There’s a great deal of mistrust between races in this country'

American author Mary Gaitskill talks to Alice O'Keeffe about her third novel, The Mare (Serpent's Tail), which may change her relatively unknown status in the... Read more

Katherine Rundell | 'I had a really strong idea of what I wanted it to be about, but no coherent plot—plots are not my strong point'

The follow-up to Katherine Rundell’s highly acclaimed novel Rooftoppers is a darker tale, following a young girl who returns wolves to the wild... Read more

Judy Blume: Interview

Almost two decades after her last adult novel, the New Jerseyan author returns with a story inspired by a trio of tragic events from the... Read more

Alice Jolly | 'I don’t trust memoirs, never have'

Award-winning fiction writer Alice Jolly turns her hand to non-fiction with Dead Babies and Seaside Towns, a moving account about the origins of her own family... Read more

Benjamin Wood | 'The fact that I can’t put the book into a sound bite is what I’m proudest of, in many ways'

The second novel by Benjamin Wood muses on the nature of creativity and the weight of expectation Read more

Meera Syal | 'I have grown up biculturally and I am continually interested in the dovetailing of those two cultures'

The decorated author, actor and comic Meera Syal delivers her long-awaited third novel in June, tackling the power play between East and West... Read more

Liz Kessler | 'I don’t like conflict. There’s no part of me that wants controversy from this book'

The bestselling children’s author Liz Kessler tells Benedicte Page why she is breaking new ground with her first novel for young adults, Read Me Like a Book... Read more

Taran Matharu: Interview

After attracting more than six million reads on writing platform Wattpad, the first in a fantasy trilogy makes the move to print Taran Matharu’s epic... Read more

Kazuo Ishiguro | 'Maybe nations have to bury things to move forward'

A sprawling tale set in Iron Age Britain is Kazuo Ishiguro's return to the novel form after an absence of almost a decade... Read more

James Dawson | “I can’t think of anything harder than being a teenage girl”

The YA Book Prize-shortlisted author James Dawson discusses his forthcoming novel, Under My Skin, which returns to the fertile ground of the horror genre...... Read more

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