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Corbyn pledges to invest in arts

Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn has pledged to protect the BBC and invest in the arts. According to the Telegraph, Corbyn announced that funding... Read more

ACE puts £1.2m into creative writing in schools

Arts Council England (ACE) has launched a £1.2m fund to support creative writing in schools. Meanwhile, ACE's recently appointed chief executive Darren Henley has urged... Read more

Labour promises to widen access to the arts

Labour leader Ed Miliband has promised the party will widen access to the arts. In a speech to the Creative Industries Federation, Miliband said he... Read more

Concern over 'narrow demographic' accessing arts

Not enough is being done in the UK to “stimulate or realise the creative potential of individuals”, with publicly-funded creative arts reaching a narrow section... Read more

Gaiman criticises Labour's stance on Arts cuts

High profile figures, including author Neil Gaiman, have criticised the Labour party for appearing to boast that it won’t cancel the Conservatives £83m cuts to... Read more

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