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Nourry: 'the e-book is a stupid product'

Hachette Group c.e.o. Arnaud Nourry has expressed frustration with the e-book format, calling it a "stupid product" and forecasting its sales would continue to plateau because... Read more

Hachette to name new distribution centre after Hely Hutchinson

Hachette UK’s new distribution centre will be named after retiring chief executive Tim Hely Hutchinson, it was announced at an emotional farewell party held at... Read more

Nourry predicts decline for book market

The market for books, whether print or digital, should remain flat in the next three to five years and then decline slightly over the following... Read more

Global publishing chiefs condemn closure of Turkish presses

Chief executives from leading publishing houses around the world, including Markus Dohle of Penguin Random House, Carolyn Reidy of Simon & Schuster and Arnaud Nourry... Read more

Nourry questions IPA's China decision

Arnaud Nourry, chief executive of Hachette Livre, has publicly questioned the decision to allow the Publishers Association of China to become a member of the... Read more

UK rights available for Charlie Hebdo editor's manifesto

UK and Commonwealth rights for the Charlie Hebdo editor’s posthumous manifesto, Open Letter: On Blasphemy, Islamophobia and the True Enemies of Free Expression, have yet... Read more

Oettinger promises 'balance' on copyright

The European Commission has no plans to weaken copyright, but wants a "targeted" and "balanced" reform with concrete benefits for consumers and right holders, Gunther... Read more

Nourry: publishers need to put controls on pricing

Google is "even more aggressive" than Amazon when it comes to control over the pricing of content, the chief of Hachette Livre, Arnaud Nourry, has... Read more

Arnaud Nourry to be questioned at FBF

Hachette Livre c.e.o. and chairman Arnaud Nourry will be interviewed as part of Frankfurt Book Fair’s c.e.o. talk series. Nourry will be questioned by the... Read more

Hachette Livre's Nourry discusses Amazon and e-books

Arnaud Nourry, the chairman and chief executive of Hachette Livre discusses the terms impasse with Amazon and the future for print and 'e' Hachette Livre... Read more

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