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Andrew Hunter Murray | 'I wanted the story to be the uncovering of a secret about this world'

Andrew Hunter Murray was out walking when an image occurred to him: a still Earth, half in light, half in darkness, no longer rotating. ... Read more

Five questions for... Andrew Hunter Murray

 Writer and podcast host Andrew Hunter Murray talks to us about his first novel, dystopian thriller The Last Day.  ... Read more

Cornerstone bags QI writer's debut in 24-hour pre-empt

Cornerstone has acquired a high-concept debut by Andrew Hunter Murray, a writer on BBC's "QI" and one of the team of writers at Private Eye,... Read more

Cornerstone wins 'Book of the Year' in hotly-contested auction

In a "hotly contested" auction, Cornerstone has acquired a book of strange-but-true trivia authored by the "QI elves" behind weekly podcast "No Such Thing As A Fish".... Read more

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