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Woodgate's LGBTQ-themed picture book debut to Andersen

Andersen Press has snapped up a debut picture book inspired by the author’s university dissertation, which revealed a lack of representation for older LGBT characters... Read more

Usborne buys UK rights to Sierra Leone-inspired fantasy

Usborne has acquired the UK and Commonwealth rights to Namina Forna’s Deathless, a debut YA fantasy inspired by the author’s experience of the Sierra Leone civil... Read more

First-timer Forna in six-figure deal

Delacorte Press has pre-empted a débutant’s YA fantasy trilogy, inspired by the author’s experience growing up in Sierra Leone during the civil war, for a... Read more

New deals for Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency

Alice Sutherland-Hawes of the Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency has signed new deals for illustrator Poonam Mistry and author Samuel Pollen. Read more

Fun, fantasy and feminism forecast for 2018

Editors and agents are predicting a continued focus on empowering female-led narratives and diverse voices in children’s and YA books in 2018. Read more

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