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Alma Books' founder Gallenzi signs novel with Rizzoli

Alma Books publisher Alessandro Gallenzi’s fourth novel, Mombello, the first to be written by him originally in Italian, will be published by Rizzoli in Italy... Read more

Sock puppetry still 'rife' in book reviews

Sock puppetry is still "widespread" today in spite of the trade's best efforts to stamp it out more than five years ago, a number of publishers have told The Bookseller, following the latest case... Read more

Plunging pound hits FBF Brits

The plummeting British pound is affecting deals cut at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair, with UK publishers buying from Europe haggling for deals to be... Read more

Indie publishers' FBF gathering to celebrate 'vibrant' sector

Independent publishers from across the world are to come together at Frankfurt Book Fair to celebrate the "diversity and vibrancy" of the international independent publishing... Read more

'Brexit means Brexit', government has told PA

The government has told the Publishers Association that “Brexit means Brexit” and publishers should use this opportunity to “really make the case for the publishing... Read more

Alma Books founders' 'dismay' at Brexit

The founders of Alma Books have expressed “shock and dismay” at the "apparent rejection of European values" which has accompanied Britain’s decision to exit Europe,... Read more

Publishers saddened by closure of the Independent newspaper

The Independent and Independent on Sunday print editions are to close, leaving publishers “shocked” and saddened by the end of one of the “last, best”... Read more

EU exit could lead to 'catastrophic uncertainty'

The UK’s possible exit from the European Union, looking likely to be the subject of a summer referendum, would be a disaster for the book... Read more

What lies ahead for books in 2016?

From bespoke publishing to the continued rise of the vloggers, industry leaders give us their tips for the likely trends in 2016. Read more

Digital focus goes multiformat

Retaining a focus on digital is crucial, say publishers, with the consumption of texts on mobile devices growing and children’s interaction with media being transformed.... Read more

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