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Bergstrom unveils publishing consultancy and agency

Abigail Bergstrom has launched a publishing consultancy and literary agency, Bergstrom Studio, “to break down the barrier between aspiring writers and the industry”. Read more

Abigail Bergstrom leaves Gleam Futures after five years

Abigail Bergstrom is leaving her role as head of publishing at Gleam Titles following five years with the company.  ... Read more

PMJ acquires book from TikTok psychologist Dr Julie Smith

Penguin Michael Joseph have acquired Why Has No One Told Me This Before?, the first book from TikToker and clinical psychologist Dr Julie Smith. ... Read more

Hodder acquires Gannon's manifesto for staying human on the internet

Hodder & Stoughton has acquired (Dis)Connected: How to Stay Human in an Online World by podcaster and author Emma Gannon. ... Read more

Orion to publish Mother Pukka founders' fiction debut

Orion Fiction will publish Underbelly, the debut fiction title from Mother and Papa Pukka, a.k.a Anna Whitehouse and Matt Farquharson, the founders of website Mother Pukka.... Read more

Bloomsbury signs Bergdorf for six figures after 11-way auction

Bloomsbury has won an 11-way auction to publish the first book by model, activist and writer Munroe Bergdorf.  Read more

Hodder lands debut novel from Gleam's Bergstrom

Hodder & Stoughton has pre-empted a debut novel from Gleam Titles agent Abigail Bergstrom, an upmarket commercial fiction book she originally submitted under a pseudonym.... Read more

Mrs Hinch writes memoir for Michael Joseph

Cleaning guru Mrs Hinch has written an “honest and uplifting” memoir called This Is Me for Michael Joseph. Read more

Hodder bags self-sabotage handbook

Hodder & Stoughton has acquired a handbook for "slaying self-sabotage" by business author and podcast host Emma Gannon. Read more

Laura McNeill leaves PFD for Gleam Titles

PFD’s Laura McNeill has joined Gleam Titles as a literary agent as the company expands. McNeill left PFD last month and started at Gleam on 13th... Read more

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