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Is YA Twitter as toxic as mainstream media suggests?

Responding to the Guardian’s piece on “toxic” YA culture, Chelsey Pippin argues that the online YA community’s sensitivity and nuance is being underplayed.  ... Read more

How can Young Adult literature attract new readers?

Charlotte Wilson asks what publishers are doing to reach non-YA readers, and suggests how to attract new readers. Read more

Annabel Pitcher on 'Silence is Goldfish'

YA author Annabel Pitcher talks about her new book Silence is Goldfish (Orion, published in October), in which teenage girl Tess has to deal with... Read more

Why write YA?

Ahead of YALC 2015, Gemma Malley, director of communications at Book Trust and author of seven YA novels, takes a look at why authors... Read more

Ten to treasure

So the shortlist is here. After weeks of reading more than 90 submissions, it’s a relief to announce this list to the world.... Read more

It's all good

Last week, I inadvertently caused something of a minor “Twitterstorm” when I grumbled about the uncritical nature of online book reviews. Not on Amazon and... Read more

Trans action

In the early stages of writing The Art of Being Normal, I asked a group of young transgender people if they felt fairly represented in... Read more

YA authors shelve NFT story after social media backlash

A group of YA authors have been forced to backtrack over plans for a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) story following an online backlash against the project. ... Read more

Bloomsbury Children's snaps up 'vital' YA debut by Katouh

Bloomsbury Children’s Books has signed the debut YA novel by Zoulfa Katouh, "a love letter to Syria, Syrians and hijabi girls" that has been picked... Read more

UCLan snaps up debut YA title from Devon

UCLan Publishing has snapped up the debut YA fiction title from Natasha Devon. Read more

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