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Sceptre picks up Short's 'astonishing' memoir of healing and renewal

Sceptre has acquired an "astonishing" memoir by Ben Short, an advertising executive who, suffering from depression and a long-term anxiety disorder, fled his high-flying career... Read more

Sceptre picks up Assadi's 'darkly romantic' second novel

Sceptre has acquired The Stars Are Not Yet Bells, Hannah Lillith Assadi's "darkly romantic and beautifully immersive" second novel. ... Read more

Sceptre pre-empts Amna's coming-of-age debut

Sceptre has pre-empted the “deeply compelling and funny” debut novel by award-winning author Dur e Aziz Amna.  Read more

Sceptre snaps up Goldin's 'optimistic' look at post-Covid world

Sceptre will publish “an optimistic vision" of the future after Covid-19, Rescue: From Global Crisis to a Better World, by leading professor of globalisation, Ian Goldin... Read more

Sceptre snaps up study of Shakespeare's queer culture

Sceptre has acquired Straight Acting: The Many Queer Lives of William Shakespeare by Will Tosh. Read more

Sceptre takes two from 'stunning' Craig

Sceptre has landed a "stunning" short story collection and debut novel by Serpent's Tail assistant editor Leon Craig. Read more

Sceptre pre-empts Burton's 'history of self-creation'

Sceptre has pre-empted Self-Made by journalist and novelist Tara Isabella Burton, a history of "self-making" from the Renaissance to the present day, promising "a brilliant contribution to the history... Read more

Sceptre bags 'sharp, timely, political story' from Banerjee

Sceptre has acquires What’s in a Name? by Sheela Banerjee, the story of 20th-century immigration to the UK told through names and what they say... Read more

Sceptre to publish exploration of Shakespeare's Juliet

Sceptre has acquired a cultural, historical and literary exploration of the birth, death and legacy of Shakespeare’s Juliet Capulet. Read more

Sceptre pre-empts 'intoxicating' debut thriller

Francine Toon, commissioning editor at Hodder & Stoughton imprint Sceptre, has pre-empted the debut novel Other People’s Clothes by Berlin-based American writer Calla Henkel. ... Read more

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